How to avoid graphite electrode breaking and fulling during steel-making?

Graphite electrode is one of the main consumables in the steel smelting process. When the graphite electrode is used incorrectly, it will cause a great waste of resources and increase production costs. Therefore, the steel-making factory needs to pay attention to the following points to prevent electrode breakage and falling.

1.Make sure that the electrode phase sequence is correct, in a counterclockwise direction.

2.The scrap in the steel furnace shall be evenly distributed, and large pieces of scrap shall be placed at the bottom of the furnace as far as possible.

3.Avoid non-conductive materials in scrap.

4.Ensure that the electrode column is aligned with the furnace top hole, and the electrode column is parallel to each other. The hole wall of the furnace top shall be cleaned frequently to avoid the accumulation of residual steel slag and breaking the electrode.

5.Keep the electric furnace tilting system in good condition to keep the furnace tilting stable.

6.Ensure that the position of electrode clamp is within the electrode safety line.

7.The nipples with high strength and processing accuracy shall be selected.

8.The torque applied during electrode connection shall be appropriate.

9.Before and during the electrode connection, prevent the electrode hole thread and connector thread from mechanical damage.

10.Prevent steel slag or foreign matters from being embedded in electrode holes and joints to affect the screwing.