Precautions for storage of graphite electrode

The consumption of graphite electrode in electric arc furnace steel-making depends not only on the quality of electrode, but also on the level of steel-making operation and management. If there is a problem in the storage of graphite electrode, it will cause a sharp increase in loss and increase production costs. Therefore, steel-making plants should pay attention to the storage of graphite electrode in the following aspects.

a. The electrodes and nipples shall be stored on the clean cement ground to prevent the electrodes from being damaged or stuck with soil.

b. In order to prevent dust and debris falling on the nipple’s thread or the   electrode end face and the internal thread of the electrode hole, do not remove the package of electrodes that are not used temporarily.

c. The electrodes shall be placed neatly in the warehouse, and the two ends of the electrode heap shall be padded to prevent skidding. The stacking height of the electrodes shall not exceed two meters generally.

d. The stored electrodes shall be protected from rain and moisture to avoid cracks and accelerated oxidation during steel-making.

e. The electrode nipple shall not be stored near the high temperature place to prevent the nipple plug from melting and overflowing.